On the second floor at Station Mill, we house 6 specialist treatment rooms, where you will find a host of holistic practitioners;  Harriet Maton of Aeon Reflexology is in Room 4, every Tuesday and Friday 10am-9pm.

Restore balance, strength & vitality.

This preventative and complementary healthcare treatment calms your nervous system and boosts your lymphatic system, providing your body with the support it needs to restore health and wellbeing.  It’s deeply relaxing and therapeutic helping to reduce stress and anxiety, allowing your mind and body the time it needs to recharge and achieve its natural equilibrium. It can also be hugely beneficial for managing pain and aiding in postoperative recovery.

There is something for everyone.

Specialising in women’s health, she also treats men and children. Qualified in traditional, fertility, maternity, menopausal, lymphatic and clinical reflexology, Harriet will tailor each session to your specific needs to achieve the best result and treatment experience for you.

To book, phone Harriet on: 07981994188 or email harriet@aeonreflexology.co.uk www.aeonreflexology.co.uk




We are stronger together


£60 monthly

£40 Joining Fee

Initial Coaching assessment & monthly check ins.

RIDE 30, Strength HIIT & Mini Bands classes included.

50% off RIDE packages.

Pay monthly. 30-day cancellation. 


All other memberships

Station Mill’s main goal is for you to progress and reach new milestones. Our structured workouts, sleek interiors and expert coaches are here to support you.