Completely new to yoga? Stepping into your first yoga class can feel intimidating and a little overwhelming.  But here at Station Mill Health & Fitness the teachers know exactly how this feels and want to encourage you to begin your yoga journey with us. 

Yoga, on the surface is a way of moving the body with the breath. Seen in some ways as a moving meditation the combination of breath and movement allows the yoga practitioner to still their mind and become focused on their posture.  If this sounds difficult,  we can reassure you that yoga should be seen as challenging, but not difficult. Yoga is a discipline that explores and encourages us to seek out the challenge and learn to trust our body and its capability. There is always a level open for you to practise at and there is always a way to deepen that level. As a yoga teacher it is up to us to guide you safely through your own journey.   

Still concerned that you can’t touch your toes?  Yoga is not a class where we expect our members to be flexible, flexibility will naturally come in time and with practise.  What then is required? An open mind, an eagerness to learn more and your time on the mat.  Yoga is a personal experience and one that in the last 12 months has seen more of us build a practise at home either via online videos or zoom.  Fabulous as this is, you cannot beat the feeling of being in a class.  Our classes are small and our teachers pride themselves or knowing you. On supporting you, offering adjustments and assisting your practise. 

During this week we will be publishing information on our teachers so stay tuned to learn more about our teachers here at Station Mill. 


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Station Mill’s main goal is for you to progress and reach new milestones. Our structured workouts, sleek interiors and expert coaches are here to support you.