Station Mill hosts a variety of talented yoga teachers, all welcoming new class users and members to our yoga loft.   However if you are new to the practise, have never stepped inside a yoga studio or returning after a long break, our Beginners class on a Monday at 1030 is the place to start. 

Rowena takes this class.  Having practised yoga for 15 plus years Rowena’s interest in yoga is alignment and safe practise.  Each class starts gently and as students progress variations are offered to make sure the practise is specifically tailored to the individual. Rowena teaches all different types of students some as young as 2, working with children in schools, and the older more immobile in our community.  As she gets to know each of her “beginners” she aims to answer the questions and explain the sensations and stretching. 

Rowena has experience with private clients in pre and post- operative situations, and is knowledgeable with the restrictions and adaptations we can make to ensure the practise is safe for everyone.   Understanding that yoga is for those who can’t touch their toes; her beginners class is a warm, welcoming, Monday morning introduction.   


We are stronger together


£50 monthly

£40 Joining fee

Unlimited gym use, weekdays 06:00-21:00. weekends 08:00-18:00

Initial Coaching assessment

1 x Tanita Body composition assessment per month

Mywellness cloud account to track progress

50% off performance class packages 




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Station Mill’s main goal is for you to progress and reach new milestones. Our structured workouts, sleek interiors and expert coaches are here to support you.