Station Mill

Covid-19 Statement

Please remember if you are feeling unwell, stay at home and follow government self-isolation guidelines

What else are we doing?

Fresh Air

We are proud to offer a first-class air handling system in our gym and performance studio. The fresh air ventilation system is designed specifically to circulate fresh into the training space and bad air out. We will operate over and beyond regulation levels to provide a safe training environment

Booking System

We will use an industry leading booking system to manage footfall in the studio spaces. We will be staggering our classes to avoid any crossover between classes and to allow us to sanitise the space between each new session.

Reduced Capacity

To ensure we respect social distancing rules, we will be reducing the capacity in all our classes to create as safe as environment possible.


There will be no sharing of equipment in all our studio classes.  The set-up of each class will be completed prior to the commencement of every session, thereby further reducing contact between attendees.  We advise that you bring your own mat to our yoga, Pilates and barre classes, we will be using our mats as place markers, so you know where to go when arriving.

The Class teacher will check you in to the class on arrival at the studio. Entry to the class is strictly by booking only, this is to manage numbers and to keep track of those attending.

Sterilised equipment

We will continually clean down high-touch areas of the club with anti-viral sprays, this will be coupled with the efforts made by yourself to reduce risk of contamination.


All staff will be trained in the latest Covid-19 guidelines and cleaning protocols, so we are up to date with the governing bodies advice. Please note, all measure taken by SMHF will be under constant review and can change based on how we see fit.

Potential lockdown procedure for live memberships. 

In the eventuality of a national lockdown you will be given the choice of either


-Goodwill payment