Maintaining adequate muscle mass is one of the best ways to keep body fat in a healthy range and improve overall fitness particularly as you age, yet the number of women who actually participate in any formal or consistent weight training workout is lower than it should be. 

At Station Mill Health & Fitness we are keen to introduce all our members to the benefits of lifting weights. 

Some of the benefits you can expect by integrating weight training into your workout:

  • When you are strong, life is easier
  • When you are strong and your body is strong injury is less of a risk
  • Increasing muscle mass helps to combat the age related muscle loss

Joe, one of three coaching staff at Station Mill, and the youngest member of the team took silver place last year in the UKDFBA National and International Finals, Teen Class.  He has experience  and a great deal of knowledge in weight training and building muscle.  Competition level requires being the lowest body fat possible whilst maintaining as much muscle as possible. 

Please ask us at reception if you feel you could benefit from a more in depth weight training programme. 




We are stronger together


£50 monthly

£40 Joining Fee

Initial Coaching assessment & monthly check ins.

RIDE 30, Strength HIIT & Mini Bands classes included.

50% off RIDE packages.

Pay monthly. 30-day cancellation. 


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Station Mill’s main goal is for you to progress and reach new milestones. Our structured workouts, sleek interiors and expert coaches are here to support you.