As a member of Station Mill Health & Fitness. we hope you are as excited as us to know that our classes timetable is now online!

Whether it’s performance Cycling, Barre, Pilates or Yoga, we hope you will enjoy our timetable. 

There are some new additions and new classes.  A quick note on men’s yoga – All our classes are open to men, but this class hopes to break down the misconception that yoga is solely for women and give the ‘men’ some confidence to try new yoga classes and feel welcomed into our SM yoga community.  The classes that will start at 2000 on Weds May 19th will focus on strength and balance and all that lies in between. If you are not flexible, or have hopeless hamstrings yoga is a great place to start. 

If you have any queries or need some recommendations Front of House is your first port of call.  Classes are starting to fill up (especially Performance Cycling!) and we have opened the bookings early so check out the timetable!



We are stronger together


£60 monthly

£40 Joining Fee

Initial Coaching assessment & monthly check ins.

RIDE 30, Strength HIIT & Mini Bands classes included.

50% off RIDE packages.

Pay monthly. 30-day cancellation. 


All other memberships

Station Mill’s main goal is for you to progress and reach new milestones. Our structured workouts, sleek interiors and expert coaches are here to support you.