Naomi’s classes are very popular and she has an established following here in Alresford and the surrounding area.  Here at Station Mill we are so lucky to host Naomi and thought we would let you know a little bit more about her:

Naomi always wanted to be a ballet teacher & at 18 was offered a place at the Royal Academy of Dance. However she wanted to experience more professional training and so took a place at Bird College where she gained a BA Hons in Dance & Theatre Performance.

Here she goes onto explain what she loves about Barre;

(Naomi): I discovered Barre in 2011 whilst studying my sports massage diploma in Sydney. I was instantly addicted having retired from professional dancing a few years prior & was craving to dance! I trained as an instructor a year later, teaching in Sydney, London & now Hampshire. 


My aim is to help people find enjoyment in movement, if other forms of exercise haven’t quite motivated them. I found Barre to be the perfect balance between pushing & nurturing the body. Barre is a wonderful mix of dance & fitness training with no need for any dance skill!


As well as improving general fitness, Barre helps people build an awareness of their body & how it moves best & aligns happily. 

A lot of my class members really thrive on learning the classical lines & positions. This, I feel, creates a more thoughtful & mindful movement class, focusing more about learning the way their body moves rather than simply copying a routine. 

Every BODY is unique & having that understanding leads to a more injury free & nourishing fitness journey.


Naomi teaches  a fitness focused circuits style class, Barre Cardio, which still embodies the alignment & bodily awareness but with the goal to sweat! This takes place at 0800 on Fridays in the Studio at Station Mill. 

Classic Barre on Fridays at 0930 and Saturdays at 0915  is the more traditional classical ballet techniques & approach to teaching, using choreographed routines that she changes every 6-8 weeks.

She also offers a Beginner Barre Class on Saturdays at 1100  to share as much of her years of ballet training with the class in a slower paced environment.


Naomi is quick to point out that you don’t need to have a background in ballet, or a ‘ballet’ physique to take part in barre.

Every body is welcome at the barre!


Call 01962 735110 to book your place now. Naomi’s classes have limited availability. 


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