In the cardio room at Station Mill Health & Fitness you will find a Tanita Body composition machine.  Within 20 seconds our coaches get a snapshot of your health. Vital readings such as hydration, muscle mass,  and BMR are displayed easily and accessibly.  If this makes you nervous,  think how wonderful it will feel when at your monthly Tanita analysis, your results start shifting, moving, seeing yourself become fitter, healthier, a better version of you.

A Tanita Monitor supports a 4-step approach to reaching health & fitness goals. The initial assessment with one of Station Mill’s coaching staff at your onboarding session will provide baseline data from which targets can be set. The 2nd step.  Building these targets into your programme so that your gym sessions become goal-orientated. That’s the 3rd step. And the 4th? Well that is continual assessment and feedback, that is watching the data change, not only feeling better but seeing data driven results.   

As a Station Mill Gym member you have access to this machine once per month, as a Station Mill Club member you have unlimited access to the Tanita.  You can book in your session with the coaching staff as and when you like. 

We think you will like the Tanita.  Just by looking at the example below we can see that this person weighs 65.6kg, and that out of a total 49.4kg of muscle mass  29.7kg  is stored in the trunk, 2.6kg in each arm and 7.3kg in each leg! There were 5 other pages to this analysis which illustrated 13.6kg of fat,  hydration levels at 50.6% (in need of a bit of water, it was early!) and a visceral fat number of 2 which I am told is OK.  So yes the person was me 🙂 I’d love to see that weight drop down and that muscle mass increase I’ll let you know how I go.  It’s quite addictive! 

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£60 monthly

£40 Joining Fee

Initial Coaching assessment & monthly check ins.

RIDE 30, Strength HIIT & Mini Bands classes included.

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Pay monthly. 30-day cancellation. 


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