The dark winter evenings and cold temperatures will without doubt make it a tough period to stay motivated with your health and fitness. The excuses begin to creep in, and the thought of getting back into it in the New Year seems tempting.

The hard work and dedication isn’t necessarily appealing and electrifying on a daily basis. But the long-term results are unimaginable when you keep showing up to the activities that improve your mind and body.

The thought of going back out on a dark, cold, week-night in winter to complete an hour of exercise isn’t tantalizing in the slightest. However, the after-feeling of a good workout, remaining pain free in everyday life, and being mobile/strong enough to complete demanding hobbies/passions is absolutely priceless! So find that inner strength to turn up each week and get it done.

As creatures of habit, if you break your diet regime today, you are more likely to break that regime tomorrow. However, if you hit your calorie target today, you are more likely to achieve that success again tomorrow and the next day. Start enforcing good habits in your life and reap the health benefits immediately.

My winter wellbeing hacks include:

  • Lift weights to get strong.
  • Be outside more during daylight hours.
  • Less blue light from your electrical devices in the evenings.
  • Aim to fall asleep before 11pm.
  • Cook from scratch daily.
  • Try to consume 120+ different, nutrient dense, ingredients per week.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help/advice surrounding your wellness.

Remember, “coaching is taking you from where you are today to where you aspire to be, much more efficiently than if you were working alone”. More often than not, having that support and expert advice can be exactly what someone requires to begin their life-changing journey!




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